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How AI-powered ultra-personalised experiences are boosting our beauty brands


We’re scaling up artificial intelligence-powered tools to help consumers make customised product choices, drive differentiation, and spark sales for our beauty brands. Here’s how…

Head shots of three women, a representation of AI analysing their hair style is overlayed, depicted as a purple line drawing.

Unilever beauty brands are using artificial intelligence to create engaging, hyper-personalised consumer experiences – helping to drive growth through market development, premium positioning and increased sales.

Thanks to collaborations between our dedicated in-house beauty tech division, Unilever’s IT, AI assurance, legal and data ethics experts, and teams across our Beauty & Wellbeing business group, we have successfully launched a range of AI-powered, digital diagnostic tools.

The aim? To deliver immersive, superior digital beauty experiences for our consumers, providing beauty-lovers with an enjoyable, interactive way to find the perfect products for their needs, and buy them online.

“We want to disrupt the category, driving differentiation and, in turn, incremental growth. Industry-leading operational excellence, using AI digital solutions to grow our business, is a core pillar of Unilever’s Growth Action Plan,” says Zoe Eungblut, Beauty & Wellbeing Digital Strategy Director.

“Technology is powering a digital beauty revolution and changing how brands communicate. By delivering breakthrough immersive beauty experiences, we can drive science, build desirability, and deliver cut-through in an unexpected way,” Zoe adds.

Here are three of our new AI beauty tools…

“We’re excited about the possibilities AI can provide for Unilever and our consumers — and we’re committed to developing and deploying AI in line with our core values, Code of Business Principles and applicable legal and regulatory requirements,” explains Fahim Salim, Global Technology Director, Beauty & Wellbeing.

“While we have internal processes and guardrails to mitigate foreseeable AI risks, we’re aware that this is a space for continuous learning, and we aim to evolve our internal processes and efforts in line with delivering superior experiences for our consumers,” he adds.

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